A Collaborative Space for Revolutionary SELF Reinvention

"Navigating Your Interior w/ Care, Creativity & Connectivity"

A Place to BE Real

The RRC is for unorthodox high-achievers who are beginning to see their busy-ness as a symptom of un-metabolized survival stress from their past. 

A Place to Feel

It's a place to explore the shift from thriving on pressure and burn-out, to slowing down, & learning to notice your SENSATIONAL body – without the need to perform.

A Place to Heal

In the RRC you can explore, learn, share, ask questions, engage, be witnessed, and begin to stretch out of old comfort zones, & perhaps, create new ones. Let curiosity guide your process of discovery.  

Your active engagement can help you to:

  1. Reduce stress and tension
  2. Increase self awareness 
  3. Improve spacial awareness 
  4. Prioritize your rest and relaxation
  5. Lower anxiety 
  6. Learn and practice self regulation
  7. Find support to heal current patterns from past trauma 
  8. Foster relationships that enhance your sense of meaning and value
  9. Improve your felt-sense relationship with yourself and your own body